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Finally a Blog!

on November 25, 2013

For those of you who follow this blog, my sincerest apologies for not writing anything until today – almost one year.

I’m excited to get this thing going finally. As some of you know, I’m a busy wife and mom, I’m an online teacher, a virtual assistant, a ministry head, (excuses! excuses!). Okay, enough of that. Honestly, going back to blogging after a loooong break – was so difficult for me.


So, I decided to go on a hiatus from blogging or should I say from plain writing. I’m not yet a blogger. Making 3-4 posts doesn’t make you one, that’s what I think :(. I decided to call it quits when I stopped homeschooling, when my health was not that good last year, when our finances was dwindling, and some reasons that I can no longer recall. I don’t know what happened except that I felt I was in a different world. I was so busy that I got lazy to write (or should I say because I’m an emotional writer). I haven’t been idle the past few months. I was interrupted for one reason or another, and then days turned into weeks turned into months and then it was now hard to get back in the saddle. Whatever the reason is, at least I’m on blogosphere track again. 

What made me decide to write again? Guess what — people I don’t personally know are liking my blog! Whoa! Thank you guys! This is great! So, I need to start somewhere, something ….. and that is here.

Alright, someone must help me get my blog back on track. It won’t be an easy task for me after a long hiatus, but I have faith. Let’s get to work! It’s time for some helpful tips! Do you have some tips for me?


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