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Homeschool Blues

on November 22, 2012

So far, homeschooling is the hardest but I believe it’s the best thing I’ve ever done with our kids.

There have been days when I questioned my sanity, believe me! Sometimes, I want to quit. It’s true!

I remember two weeks ago I called my husband on his cell phone crying and telling him, “I don’t want to homeschool anymore. I give up. This is my last year and I’m done with it”. That statement was out of frustration.  My son was hard to motivate that day and he’s giving me a hard time.

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But one thing I’ve learned from homeschooling, even when it’s hard, it’s great. What do I mean by that? Because Home Education allows me to teach my kids to seek God’s kingdom above and beyond everything else. Home Education at it’s core is discipleship. I am imparting values and wisdom (not just facts, figures, and formulas). So, when I feel the blues of homeschooling, it’s time to revisit my primary goal.

If you’re overwhelmed by the pressures of home education, I encourage you to keep your eyes on the GOAL of homeschooling. You can do it mom/dad! Don’t give up!  The investment is worth it!


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